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About Cashew

About Cashew

Cashew is carbon neutral material obtained from nature's bounty.

About CNSL

CNSL (Cashew Nuts Shell Liquid) is a liquid provided from the shell which removed the cashew nut (Kernel).

・The composition of CNSL

Anacardic acid Cardanol Cardol 2-methylcardol



Anacardic acid 70~80 -
Cardanol 1~10 75~85
Cardol 15~20 15~20
2-methylcardol 1~5 1~5

Main component of natural CNSL is anacardic acid.
For industrial use of CNSL, anacardic acid is decarboxylated by the heat treatment of natural CNSL and it is changed to Cardanol. Therefore, cardanol is the main component of Technical CNSL.

TCI manufactures various CNSL originated products.
Cashew Particle
Cashew Liquid