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Cashew Particle

Cashew Particle

Contribute to safe and comfortable automobile society

Cashew particle has been widely adopted in a variety of friction materials such as brake and clutch for motorcycle, automotive, railway vehicle, and variety of
industrial machinery.

Cashew particle of TCI has the following features, and contributes to
improve the performance of the friction material.
① Stabilization of the friction coefficient due to the transfer film formation
② Improvement of wear resistance due to the transfer film formation
③ Improvement of NVH property due to vibration absorption capacity
  ※NVH=Noise, Vibration and Harsh

Feature of our product

We have a number of grades specializing in various performances. In particular, our product is
excellent in heat resistance, noise resistance and rust resistance. Depending on the type of
curing agent to be blended, it can be classified by color.

Bulking agent for DP backing plate

The filler material used for bonding the friction material and disc pad backing plate.It is a composite
granulated from several types of material such as an organic powder or filler or fiber or metal powder, and it contributes to improve the performance of disc pads such as strength, water proof and heat

Water-repelling Cashew Particle

By applying a special coating to the surface of the cashew particles, it has improved water repellency. This is effective for improvement of problems caused by moisture absorption, such as morning effect

Movie (Test piece conposed of cashew particle and phenolic resin)

Cashew particle product list (PDF)

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