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Products in Development

Products in Development

Cashew Benzoxazine Resin

Development technical data sheet(PDF file)

1.What's Benzoxazine Resin?
  It is a new type of phenolic resin in which the oxazine ring is opened by heat and self-polymerizes.
  A major feature is that no reaction gas is generated.

  ・Flame retardant, dimensional stability, low water absorption, low dielectric constant,
   heat resistance, etc.
  ・Properties can be adjusted by the combination of phenols and amines used.

  ・Materials for molding
  ・Epoxy resin curing agent, etc.

4.Products in Development
   We are developing biomass benzoxazine resin based on cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL).
   Molecular design is available upon request.

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